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Five Burning Questions with K.C. Mead-Brewer

Our second fiction writer for Tuesday’s reading is K.C. Mead-Brewer. K.C.’s answers to our five burning questions are below:

What is your first memory of writing for fun?

I must’ve been in the first or second grade when I decided to rewrite Bambi so that Bambi’s mother didn’t die. Instead, the entire forest wreaked havoc on the nearby human town. This reimagining clocked in at about 4 spiral-notebook pages long. Straightforward, no flowery stuff, lots of magical animals. It’s the earliest memory I have of creating something and feeling genuinely proud.

How many drafts = done?

This varies from project to project, but I’m a pretty obsessive editor. I can crank out a rough draft fairly quickly, but editing can take months of continuously revisiting a project. Maybe if I was more careful as I drafted, this wouldn’t be the case. My usual method: just throw in every random thought that occurs to me while drafting; I’ll worry about whether it makes sense later.

What is your favorite book or favorite book-of-the-moment?

My favorite book-of-the-moment is Stephen Graham Jones’s novella Mapping the Interior. Jones writes ghosts like no one else.

What is it about your discipline that gets you the most excited?

Earlier this year I was contacted out-of-the-blue by another author via Twitter. She told me that a story I’d written about clinical depression had helped her feel less alone. There are few things more precious to me than the feeling I had upon reading this note from her. Writers have a unique opportunity to help people they’ll never meet feel less alone, and this excites me. This gives me energy to keep writing.

What’s your favorite word or words? What about it/them appeals to you?

I love the word “raw.” I love how utterly naked and exposed it is, how much it embodies its own meaning. Wonderfully autological. It can be both playful and gross, funny and scary. Delicious and repulsive.

Bonus question: This reading is our 4th anniversary reading. What is something you either have done for four years straight or something you hope to do for that amount of time? 

My writing group just celebrated its 4th year anniversary and now we’re moving into year 5 together. We call ourselves The Roving Writers because we live scattered across the U.S. and must travel to see each other. We meet via phone twice a month and strive to meet in-person at least twice a year, as time and money allows. I can’t express how grateful I am to this group and what an honor it is to work with them.


K.C. Mead-Brewer’s fiction appears or is forthcoming in Electric Literature, Carve Magazine, Strange Horizons, and elsewhere. She was a proud participant in this year’s Clarion Workshop. For more information, visit and follower her @meadwriter.


Reading Bios & Details

May Reading Details


Hey W&W Groupies,

This Tuesday is our May reading, and we have four fantastic readers this month:

Cory Cone moved to Baltimore in 2003 to study painting at MICA and, naturally, he now works at the school and writes strange fiction in the evenings. His short stories have appeared in a handful of fine journals and anthologies, including Niteblade, The Colored Lens, The Avenue, A is for Apocalypse and Shrieks and Shivers from the Horror Zine. He and his wife are expecting their first child, a boy in June. He blogs rarely at and tweets now and again @corycone.


Stephen Zerance is a recent MFA graduate of American University. He has previously appeared or is forthcoming in journals such as Prairie Schooner, Assaracus, Bloom, Knockout, Gertrude, Chelsea Station, Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide, Glitterwolf Magazine, and MiPOesias. His poetry has been featured on websites such as Lambda Literary Association and Split This Rock. He resides in Baltimore, Maryland.


Ashley Phelps spends her days instructing composition students and sorting library books, and her nights writing about sad women. She is a graduate of the University of Baltimore’s MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts program, and is now eager to return to Illinois to live with her soon-to-be spouse and their two cats.


Betsy Boyd’s fiction has been published most recently in Shenandoah, Sententia, Welter, and Verb. Her short story “Scarecrow” received a Pushcart Prize. She is the recipient of a Maryland State Arts Council award, an Elliot Coleman Writing Fellowship, a James A. Michener Fellowship and residencies through Fundación Valparaíso, the Alfred and Trafford Klots International Program for Artists and the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts. She teaches creative writing at the University of Baltimore and serves as literary editor for Baltimore Fishbowl.

Zines and books will be on sale. The May Zine will be $5 and all previous month’s Zines will be $3. If you’d like to reserve a copy of a previous month, please let us know at

–Mike & Michelle

Reading Bios & Details

December Note

We have some changes in the Dec. 9 event: Unfortunately, Judith Krummeck will not be able to attend. In her place, Mandy May will be reading some lovely memoirs and bringing her own energy to us.

Mandy May is pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Baltimore. A poet by (in?) blood, she has now put her hand at memoir as well. She just wants everything to sound pretty.

We’re lucky to know such wonderful writers!

Please check back with us and Judith will certainly be reading down the road.



Reading Bios & Details

December Reading & LitScape Details

Hey Writers & Words Fans,

We’re excited to share two upcoming events with you:

December Reading | Tuesday, Dec. 9 @ 7:30pm | Artifact Coffee

December_ReadingWineAmanda Ponder is from the small town of Statesville, North Carolina. She graduated with her MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts last May from the University of Baltimore and she is the author of Make Believe Animals, a collection of short fiction. She teaches at the Community College of Baltimore County and spends her free time training her cat to be a lion. She resides in Baltimore County with her husband, two dogs, and a soon-to-be lion.


Mychael Zulauf is a poet, musician, and book artist currently living in Baltimore. He often finds himself talking to clouds, and they sometimes talk back. You can check out more of Mychael’s work at the following sites: | |


Judith Krummeck is a broadcaster and writer living in Baltimore. She is the evening drive time host of Maryland’s classical music station, WBJC, and before immigrating to the United States she was the arts editor for SAfm at the South African Broadcasting Corporation. Judith received a BA in Drama and History of Art from the University of Cape Town, and an MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore. Her memoir, Beyond the Baobab, is available at


D. Watkins is an award-winning writer, speaker and educator who the Baltimore Sun calls “A much needed, important and amazing voice.” His work has been published in The Huffington Post, Aeon, Baltimore Fishbowl, The City Paper, Red Emma’s, Vice, StopBeingFamous, 1729mag, and Salon.

Watkins has been featured as a reoccurring guest on NPR’s Monday Morning, Tell Me More, The Real News Network, Huff Post Live and The Marc Steiner Show who described Watkins as being “A brilliant phenomenon that needs to be heard.”

Let us know you’re coming and invite your friends here.


LitScape | Saturday, Dec. 13 @ 2-10pm | 307 West. Baltimore St.

Just four days after our reading, you can find us at LitScape. We’ll be there with our zines from October, November, and December as well as a few other “favorites” listed below. We’d love for you to stop by and say hello.


photoWhiskey & Words | Zine from October Reading | $3
with work from Michelle Junot | Ann Marie Brokemeier | Michael B. Tager | Steven Levya

Writers & Words | Zine from November Reading | $3
with work from Sue Loweree | Ian Anderson |
Drew Robison | Sarah Pinsker

Writers & Words | Zine from December Reading | $5
with work from Amanda Ponder | Mychael Zulauf |
Judith Krummeck | D. Watkins


and the floor was always lava | Michelle Junot | $9

Junot Cover_04.17.14_Front Onlyand the floor was always lava is a collection of memories (or essays, if you’re into that kind of thing).

Michelle, the twenty-four year old narrator, reflects back to her four year old self, placing her memories in the context of all she’s learned since they occurred. The collection is a unique twist on the classic “coming of age” story, in which Michelle explores and sorts through the pieces of her life that have changed with time and growth, and the pieces that are different, but kind of the same.


The Avenue| The Hampden Writers’ Group | $12


The Hampden Writers’ Group is proud to present its first Journal, a celebration of our writing. We’ve been meeting every month for the past five years and anticipate many more. We have over a dozen regular contributors and are always looking for more readers and writers.




–Mike & Michelle

Mike embarrassing Michelle