5 Burning Questions with Courtney LeBlanc

Courtney LeBlanc is one of our featured writers for a 2020 reading which has been postponed, but we wanted to introduce you to her anyway. Check out our interview with her below.

What is your first memory of writing for fun?

I was 13 and writing truly bad poems!  

How many drafts = done?

I generally write a first draft by hand (I carry a journal with me everywhere I go for this express purpose!) and then some initial edits when typing it up. Then I send it to my writing group for review and do edits based on their feedback. Then it’s ready for the world to see!

What is your favorite book or favorite book-of-the-moment?

I don’t think I have one all-time favorite book but every year I have books I really love. Recent favorites include Wanderers by Chuck Wendig (fiction), Strange the Dreamer (book #1) and Muse of Nightmares (book #2) by Laini Taylor (fantasy), The Going and the Goodbye by Shuly Cawood (CNF) and for poetry, pretty much anything that Megan Falley, Jeanann Verlee, Shaindel Beers, or Amorak Huey writes.  

What is it about your discipline that gets you the most excited?

Poetry is such a great way to express things – emotions you’re feeling, situations you’re dealing with, issues in the world. It gives a voice to things that you may not otherwise be able to articulate.  

What’s your favorite word or words? What about it/them appeals to you?

I don’t think I have a favorite word but I do have words that show up repeatedly in my poems: mouth, touch, skin – I sometimes have to actively edit a poem to remove these words! They’re wonderful, sensual words that can convey so much, I think that’s why I’m drawn to them.  

Bonus question: What level of quarantine are you at? 1) relaxing with a book,  2) the dog clears her throat too loudly,  3) hot dog fries, 4) THE PRINTER IS BROKEN I DON’T NEED A PRINTER, 5) I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.

I definitely oscillate between 1 and 4. Either I’m fine and relaxing or I’m losing my god damn mind. There’s no in-between.


Courtney LeBlanc is the author of Beautiful & Full of Monsters (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press), chapbooks All in the Family (Bottlecap Press) and The Violence Within (Flutter Press). She has her MBA from University of Baltimore and her MFA from Queens University of Charlotte. She loves nail polish, tattoos, and her dog. Read her publications on her blog: www.wordperv.com. Follow her on twitter: @wordperv, and IG: @wordperv79.

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