5 Burning Questions with Ann Quinn

As well as feature our future readers, we also wanted to check in with folks who have read for us over the last 5 years. Ann Quinn read for us 2018 – read what she has been up to below!

What have you been up to since reading with us at Writers & Words? How has the writing been going?

The writing has been slow but a few nice poems have emerged. I began teaching at the Writer’s Center and through Yellow Arrow and Moonlit, and even since going on Zoom, I love it as much as I thought I would.

What are you working on right now (writing or otherwise (nothing is a valid answer as well))?

I’m reading War and Peace and The Woman in White (Wilkie Collins) and journaling and occasionally scratching out something like a poem. I’m also starting to put some of my ideas on teaching poetry into a book.

What has been your favorite Quarantine Read thus far?

I’m loving those two long books I just mentioned. I’m participating in A Public Space’s book club read of War & Peace—about 12 pages a day. And I set my own page goal for The Woman in White. It’s so great to have a small, achievable goal for each day.

How would you describe the writing community where you live in just a few words?

Baltimore: those who show up to events and classes tend to be young and hard-working. I miss seeing people in person, though I’m also loving being at home.

What would be a few words of advice you would give someone wanting to get into any writing community?

Show up for readings and workshops and share your work when you can—often readings have an open call at the end. Read other peoples work, buy it if you can, and talk to them!

Bonus question: What level of quarantine are you at? 1) relaxing with a book,  2) the dog clears her throat too loudly,  3) hot dog fries, 4) THE PRINTER IS BROKEN I DON’T NEED A PRINTER, 5) I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.

1 and 5, unless it’s raining when it’s more like 2


Ann Quinn is the poetry editor for Yellow Arrow Journal and conducts writing workshops at The Writer’s Center, for Yellow Arrow, and at writer’s conferences. Ann holds an M.F.A. in poetry from Pacific Lutheran University and lives in Catonsville, Maryland with her family. Her award-winning work can be read in Poet Lore, Potomac Review, Little Patuxent Review, Vietnam War Poetry, Haibun Today, and other journals and is included in the anthology Red Sky: Poetry on the Global Epidemic of Violence Against Women. Her chapbook, Final Deployment, is published by Finishing Line Press. Visit her at www.annquinn.net

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