5 burning questions with Mika Quinn

Mika Quinn is one of our featured writers at our July 9th reading. Check out our interview with her below.

What is your first memory of writing for fun?

The story I wrote in the second grade is the first thing that comes to mind. I wanted to write my own personal version of Dork Diaries, a series I loved at that age. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, but I learned from it; it told me how to take criticism, constructive or otherwise.

How many drafts = done?

About 3 or 4. I’m extremely indecisive, and a bit of a perfectionist on how I want my stories to feel, and what I want them to say, which means I go through a lot of paper.

What is your favorite book or favorite book-of-the-moment?

I have a list of top three favorite series– The School for Good and Evil, by Soman Chainani, is at the top of that list. I discovered this book in the fifth grade and fell in love with it. I’ve been reading the series ever since.

What is it about your discipline that gets you the most excited?

The people. Writers are immensely intelligent, creative people, and we’re a bit of our own species, but the way that we tell stories is so impactful. I love that we’re bold enough to tell those stories, even if they might make some people sad, or uncomfortable, or angry, and we all tell them in so many different ways. We just write what we think the world should hear, and hope that they listen.

What’s your favorite word or words? What about it/them appeals to you?

Minuscule. It’s just the most dignified way of saying small, and as someone who is small, I     love it.

Bonus question: what is one thing you would eradicate if you had the power to eradicate just one thing in this world. [can you tell my favorite word is eradicate?]

If I could eradicate one thing in this world it would be the mental illnesses that can be extremely difficult to endure and treat, like depression, anxiety, dementia; all of the illnesses that cause so much pain for those who have them and their families.


Mika Quinn started writing in the second grade, inspired by a beloved childhood series, but stopped soon after. After a five year hiatus from the worlds inside her head, she started writing again in the seventh grade, when she was given an assignment wherein she had to write a short narrative for her English class. That assignment started a story that is still being written, renewed her love of writing, and made her realize that she wanted to become a writer. Now, Mika is a rising junior in high school, writes everyday, and lovingly welcomes the worlds beyond her own.

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