What’s your favorite thing about writing?

Getting to think deeply, reflect, process, create, and then share that creation with others—in everything I write, I’m seeking connection, looking to identify with readers who can say, “Me, too,” and hopefully helping us all to feel a little less alone in our wandering

What is your favorite genre to read, and is this also your favorite genre to write?

I nearly exclusively read nonfiction—specifically, memoir—and exclusively write nonfiction—specifically, memoir, essays, and flash nonfiction. I honestly can’t imagine writing anything that’s not true. I just don’t know how to but greatly admire those who can and do!

Describe your ideal writing situation (think writing space (Office? Shed? Attic?), routine or no routine, snacks available).

In my bed, under the covers, and wearing comfies with my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 on my lap. I have a mug of coffee, a flavored seltzer water, and a bag of White Cheddar Cheez-Its on the bedside table nearby, and my cat, Ginger, is curled up next to me. It’s early morning, completely quiet, and all notifications on every device I own are silenced.

What’s your favorite word or words? What about it/them appeals to you?

Fuck. FUCK! Fffuuuccckkk. I grew up quite religiously and was never allowed to curse. Now, every time I say it, I derive a genuine sense of release and pleasure.

What is your most re-read book, if any, and why?

I never re-read anything. There are SO MANY books out there! I always want to get on to the next right after I finish.

Bonus question: If you could live in any folk tale or fairy tale world without the danger of dying, where would you live?



Come out and see Jocelyn read on Tuesday, February 12th – here’s the facebook event!


Jocelyn Broadwick is a writer, editor, and college professor. Her essays and flash nonfiction have appeared in The Aerie, Paradigm Literary Magazine, Seltzer, and the Yellow Arrow Journal. She’s also been a featured blogger for Neither Liberal Nor Arts and The Baltimore Sun’s #MDreads Community Network. Currently, she is working on a memoir of unexpected freefall after her marriage and a collection of essays in which she desperately tries to grow up before turning 30. Jocelyn earned her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College. Find her reading vintage smut during Highlandtown’s First Friday Art Walks and online at @jocelynbroad.


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