Five Burning Questions with Kanak Gupta

Tonight’s featured poet is Kanak Gupta. Below are her answers to our five burning questions. Don’t miss your chance to hear her work in person tonight at Charmington’s at 7p.m.

What is your first memory of writing for fun?

I thought I wrote my first poem (and my first non-school assignment piece of writing) when I was six. It was called “If I Could Fly” and was written in all of fifteen minutes. It had 5 rhyming couplets and each one started with ‘if I could fly’…so all in all, pretty terrible. But hey, it made the yearbook! However, I ran into my first grade teacher a few years ago and she fondly remembers me giving her these four line poems all through the year. (What a teacher’s pet.) Maybe my brain repressed the memories to save me the embarrassment, or I just didn’t realize I was writing “creatively” until it was pointed out to me. Either way, my point is, my brain cannot be trusted.

How many drafts = done?

Draft until published (and only because I can’t edit it anymore).

What is your favorite book or favorite book-of-the-moment?

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khalid Hosseini for now. Hosseini’s protagonists aren’t heroes who change the world, they’re just beautifully complex, engaging humans who tell the story of a country through their own lives. It’s the only book that’s ever made me cry. Also, reading Urdu swear words in an English bestseller makes me so happy.

What is it about your discipline that gets you the most excited?

It’s ability to accept absurdity. And alliteration.

What’s your favorite word or words? What about it/them appeals to you?

Rhythm – It has no vowels which makes it a snowflake, the word itself has a very rhythmic almost onomatopoeic sound, it’s associated with music, which gives it so many more brownie points, and if you say it with a rolled R, just the most amazing mouthfeel.
A close second is randomosity, which isn’t a real word, but my one true aim in life is to make it one. Randomness just doesn’t seem to capture just what a beautiful and rare phenomenon it is to find something truly random. (I feel very passionately about this, as one should.) Thus, randomosity.

Bonus question: This reading is our 4th anniversary reading. What is something you either have done for four years straight or something you hope to do for that amount of time?

I have an alarmingly short attention span, I don’t think I’ve every really done anything for that long. Does writing count? Or wasting too much of my time watching movies and TV?  Though, I would very much like to have a four-year period in my life, at least, during which I live in a different part of the world every year. Now I just have to find a job that pays me to do it.

Born in India and raised in Dubai, Kanak Gupta (pronounced Kuh-nuck) is currently trying her luck in Baltimore, as an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University. She is the winner of the 2018 Enoch Pratt Free Library Poetry Contest and has had poems published in Little Patuxent Review, her second grade yearbook, and her “I’m a writer” notebook. She likes reading, writing, and living stories.


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