1. What’s your least favorite thing about writing?

The fame. Definitely. I mean, I try to stay a regular guy. I’m out, having a cheeseburger with my family this one time, and this young girl just keeps coming up to us, and it’s embarrassing. Fine…I asked for this lifestyle, sure. Gosh darn it, my kids are just kids.

So, finally, I’m like, “Miss, I’m out with my family…please leave us alone.”

Then she’s like, “Sir, I’m your waitress.”

She eventually went away.

  1. Which author would you like to have a drink with (Dead or alive. Them, not you).

Capri Suns with Sun Tzu.

  1. Who is your favorite author that you don’t know personally? Who is your favorite author that you do know personally?

I had the pleasure of meeting Celeste Ng and Tom Perrotta through the amazing GrubStreet in Boston, and I think they’re both geniuses. But they’re both so cool. So funny and sweet. I’m not half as talented, and I’m obnoxious.

I don’t know them personally. But I am privileged to know so many brilliant authors who manage to be beautiful artists and top-notch humans. I could name dozens who have shaped my wok and my life. But…Peter Murphy, Emari DiGiorgio and Sonya Larson, as stand-ins for the dozens of writers I have become friends with through them and the amazing work they do in our industry.

Oh, and Michelle Junot is pretty groovy.

  1. What about your discipline (fiction, poetry, etc) do you wish you were better at?

The writing part. I have always felt the writing itself is the only thing keeping me from being a great writer. I already own the clothes and the disposition.

  1. What kind or creative rituals or patterns do you have?

I try to express each scene I write through dance. Otherwise it’s just a lot of nail-biting and self-bullying.

Bonus question: if you were a can of something, what would you be?

Whoop ass. I want people all over the globe threatening to open ME.


A+ for can of whoop ass.

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Joe Costal must be old-fashioned because he years for properly punctuated texts and non-tweeting Presidents. His writing has appeared in dozens of magazines and journals, most recently published by Barrelhouse, Quirk Books & The Maine Review. An excerpt from his unpublished novel is forthcoming in Painted Bride. Joe teaches writing at Stockton University. He recently presented a workshop on voice at Grub Street’s The Muse & Marketplace in Boston. He lives at the Jersey Shore with his four children.

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