1. What’s your least favorite thing about writing?

Left-handed ink smudges.

  1. Which author would you like to have a drink with (Dead or alive. Them, not you).

I don’t drink, so it’d be coffee or tea. I’d go with Adrienne Rich. I got to see her read when I was an undergraduate at Rutgers University. I recall telling my creative writing professor at the time that it was like the Pope of Feminism had come to visit. Her passing is a terrible loss.

  1. Who is your favorite author that you don’t know personally? Who is your favorite author that you do know personally?

My favorite author that I don’t know personally is Jill Talbot. My favorite author that I know personally is Evie Shockley.

  1. What about your discipline (fiction, poetry, etc.) do you wish you were better at?

I wish that could correctly scansion iambic pentameter. (I think that the New Jersey accents I heard when I was growing may have something to do with my shortcomings in this area.)

  1. What kind of creative rituals or patterns do you have? 

I use my iPhone timer frequently when writing. For me, writing in a series of short, timed increments makes venturing into the unknown (or deeply personal) a little less scary. I also love writing in fast food restaurants. Chipotle is a solid standby, as is Shake Shack. Sometimes I go to Panera.

Bonus question: If you met Sean Connery, Divine, and the Olson Twins in a bar, whom would you talk to first and why?

The Olsen Twins! More specifically Mary-Kate. First, I would bum a smoke. Second, I would observe every detail of her ensemble and ask her a question about my favorite component. I watched Full House religiously as a kid and feel a deep connection to the Olsen Twins. If the conversation’s going well, I might try to convince Mary-Kate to do an episode of Fuller House.


I wish you all the luck in the world convincing Mary-Kate to do an episode of Fuller House. In this imagined scenario. Thank you, Danielle!

Come out to Writers & Words next month, June 12th at 7pm at Charmington’s Cafe to hear Danielle and the rest of our awesome lineup! 

Danielle Evennou is a writer who grew up in suburban New Jersey. For over a decade, she has kept herself busy by hosting poetry readings, workshops, and open mics in Washington, DC. Her poetry and memoir appear in apt, Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Dryland, and Split Lip Magazine. Her chapbook, DIFFICULT TRICK, is available from dancing girl press. With the help of therapy, she is learning how to calm the f*** down. Find out more about Danielle and her work at www.whatevennou.com.  

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