1. What’s your favorite thing about writing? 

That I’m not doing dishes or heavy lifting.   Or, that it gives me a reason to notice and a reason to think about the noticing.

  1. How often do you get new ideas? A thousand a second, or every 12 years when the moon is full and the stars align?

I suppose it depends on whether or not I’m paying attention and whether or not a child is screaming because I won’t let them eat hand sanitizer (real example from this morning). When I open my eyes or ears or nose to what’s around me, I get a lot of leads I want to follow and my trouble is knowing which one to choose and then, of course, finding the time to do it.

  1. Who is your favorite author that you don’t know personally? Who is your favorite author that you do know personally?

 Impossible question.   Ok, I’ll stick to poets:  Marie Howe, I’d say, or Elizabeth Bishop. The second part is just as hard…I got to know so many incredible poets up in Brooklyn through an organization called Brooklyn Poets (check out the Poet’s Bridge through them–wonderful resource for posting work and finding yourself an editor/mentor.)   That whole crew–Jason Koo, Joe Pan, Nicole Callihan, Jessica Greenbaum, Patricia Spears Jones, V. Penelope Pelizzon, among many others–provide me so much inspiration, encouragement and hope.

  1. What is your most re-read book, if any, and why?

Honest answer:   I reread a lot of favorite fantasy fiction (young adult and otherwise) as a stress reliever–Lloyd Alexander, Tolkien, Ursula Leguin, Madeleine L’Engle. My go to poetry reread is Marie Howe’s “The Kingdom of Ordinary Time.”

  1. What kind or creative rituals or patterns do you have?

Sigh. Working on it. I used to have a certain spot at a certain table at a certain coffee shop in Brooklyn and I haven’t quite find my Baltimore nook yet. I love having my back up against a wall, literally.  Corners are important, so are mornings. Life goal is to be less precious about where and when I write and make it happen. For instance, I made myself do this interview even though it’s 3 in the afternoon which is my least favorite time of day to work with words!  🙂

Bonus question: April is the month when a lot of Aries are born; do you hate them? 

Nah, they’re fine. 😉


Correct answer to the Aries question.

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