1. What do you love the most about writing in your discipline (poetry, fiction, etc)?

i love when a small and simple piece of writing or music feels like a whole complex being in itself & we’re hanging out together & i’m listening to it and thinking it’s just the best thing i’ve ever had the privilege to share time with.

  1. Who are you reading right now? Any shout outs or recommendations?

julian jaynes
the origin of 
in the break
down of the 
bicameral mind

i’m reading this because of my current obsession with artist ian cheng’s emissaries (endlessly evolving simulations generated using a video game engine), which came out of his reading this book.

  1. Do you ever write from personal experience (memoirists, duh, stupid question), and if so, where do you draw the line when writing about your life?

i do. even if i am prompted by something seemingly external, it wraps back around to myself, or can be applied to myself too. i have noticed i only produce what i can access at the present though. i’m not sure i draw a line. i’m not thinking about that anyway. my pieces are experiential blips. tiny things that i have enlarged to see better.

  1. Kurt Vonugut once said ‘When I write, I feel like an armless, legless man with a crayon in his mouth.’ How does this make you feel?

i feel that crayola could manufacture tasty edible crayons or crayon prosthetic arms and legs.

  1. Do you often write outside of the genre you are representing at Writers & Words?

to date, everything i make is typically in scale within my arms or hands, and within reach – meaning i am able to hug or hold that thing, and access it easily. so it’s usually small and not particularly expansive, in the form of a poem, short writing or song. i don’t apply this as a limitation. the writing i make just happens in that way for me.

Bonus question: If you could do it all again, would you?

could you repeat the question?


I can’t wait to see what ‘experimental blips’ Katie has in store for Writers & Words Tuesday, June 13th at 7pm at Charmingtons. Come out, drink coffee, hear words, have fun.

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