1. What’s your favorite thing about writing?

That moment when an idea emerges in my brain and it feels exactly right.

  1. What is your favorite genre to read, and is this also your favorite genre to write?

Fiction, although sometimes I enjoy reading and writing non-fiction too.

  1. Describe your ideal writing situation (think writing space (Office? Shed? Attic?), routine or no routine, snacks available).

Ipod on shuffle, tea at hand, laptop that does not overheat. A few projects that are very different in tone, setting, approach so that I can switch around if I get stuck on one.

  1. What is something you would love that your readers know about you as a writer? (That you love cats? That you edit pieces literally 1,000 times before they see the light of day?)

When I start a novel I rarely know much about the plot, because I like to read books that surprise me, and writing books that surprise me is, possibly, even better (see answer to #1).

  1. What is your most re-read book, if any, and why?

Probably LotR, but that’s just because I re-read it SO MANY TIMES as a kid. If anything could challenge it maybe Jane Eyre?

Bonus question: May is National Hamburger Month and National Egg Month, among other undoubtedly more important observances. Thoughts?

Mayday special: hamburger with a fried egg on top.


As another LotR fan, I salute you.  Come out to Charmingtons on Tuesday, May 9th and hear Malka and our other wonderful readers at Writers & Words!

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