1. What’s the worst thing about writing?
Being habitual about it and trying not to beat myself up for not being habitual about it.
  1. What do you do when people ask “How’s your writing goin?

I run away. No, just kidding. I walk away because I have IT-band problems.

  1. Describe your thoughts on writing (either your own or in general) using as many nouns as possible.

Writing, you say? I would, I could, with a goat. I could, I would, on a boat. I’d write in the rain, in the dark and in a tree. I’d write in a car, if you’d just let me be. I could write about a box harboring a fox. I could write about a house that ate a mouse. I like writing here and there. I like writing everywhere.

  1. What is it about your discipline (fiction/poverty/nonfiction/other) that draws you to it?
I’ve always felt the need to record the goings-on in my world. I’ve kept a diary since I was six. I am infinitely fascinated by why human beings are the way we are. I love hearing people tell true, funny, sad, entertaining stories about their lives. When people are vulnerable about their past, it makes me feel like maybe I’m not so crazy after all. And, hopefully, vice versa. Reading and writing nonfiction makes me feel more connected… more human.
  1. What’s your favorite word or words? What about it/them appeals to you?

Dur. (pronounced Der) Whenever my old roommate, and dear friend, Leah would drop something she’d say, “Dur,” quietly. I laughed the first time I heard it because she sounded absurd. It became our frustration word. Like when our computers were taking too long to load or when the cat peed on something or when my bank account had no money in it. It became our own. We knew the difference between “DUR!” and “Double Dur” and “Durrrrrrr.” It was pretty magical.

Bonus question: Macgyver has been rebooted and stars the actor who played “Havok” in the XMen reboots. Like, what’s going on with that? How do you feel? Does it comfort you to know that while the new Macgyver doesn’t have a mullet, his hair is quite voluminous?

I legit know nothing about Macgyver or how he’d be portrayed by whichever robot stars in XMen. I am, however, a huge fan of voluminous hair. Especially when it’s soft and gently blowing in the wind. Wait. What was the question again?

To learn more about Erin, come to Charmington’s on November 15th at 7 PM. Compare frustration words and favorite Dr. Seuss books. Or buy a coffee and hear some wonderful words. Come on out!

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