5 Burning Questions With Jordannah Elizabeth

  1. What’s the easiest thing about writing?
It is natural for me. I take solace in it. I am in love with words so there is rarely a time when I don’t want to write. I mean, I have to work at it. I learn from mentors and read about the craft, but 90% of my writing process is instinctual and intuitive.
  1. What do you do to cultivate your next idea?
I just live life. I pretty much just day dream and ideas come to me. Sometimes, I follow a pattern of a thesis or cognitive process of past articles. Other times, I think about a publication I work for and just imagine what might be a good fit depending in what I know about the publication, the readership, my editor’s taste and what I know about the city if it is a local or regional publication.
  1. Describe your thoughts on writing (either your own or in general) using as many adverbs as possible.

I think a lot about writing and at the same time I don’t think about it about it at all. I have an instinctual relationship with writing. I am a journalist because I am naturally curious. Writing is just intertwines with my personality, my emotions and style of communication. It is a part of who I am.

  1. What is it about your discipline (fiction/poverty/nonfiction/other) that draws you to it?
I mainly write journalism and nonfiction, but I have some fiction writing I am working on and plan to publish some day. I am drawn to journalism because I move and think fast. I love to stay busy and editors tend to like to keep me busy. I like the challenging and pace of journalism and I like to uncover small mysteries or unfold a person’s thoughts and dreams from questions and interviews. Every article I write is like a small quest for discovery.
  1. When you introduce yourself to someone new, do you identify as a writer? Tell us about that.

I identify as a writer because it is my job. It is my career.

Bonus question: What’s a movie that’s superior to the book? Why is it better?

I think adapting books to film is a sacrilege. I would rather see books become plays.

Visit http://jordannahelizabeth.tumblr.com to learn more about Jordannah Elizabeth.

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