5 Burning Questions with Slangston Hughes

  1. What’s the worst thing about writing?
Not writing!
  1. What helps your writing the most?
Learning more about the world it’s history and most of all learning more about myself and how writing can make you a better version of yourself when the writing is truly honest work about yourself and what inspires you.
  1. Describe your thoughts on writing (either your own or in general) using only adverbs. 

Courageously always entirely inside here. (points to chest)

  1. What is it about your discipline (fiction/poetry/nonfiction/other) that draws you to it?
Poetry is the art of becoming a better person publicly.
  1. What would you like to promote the most? Can you describe it in Victorian English? If not, can you describe it like a normal person?

Nothing I do is like a normal person! I am an alien! That is what I would like to promote. Aliens r us and original thinking. Poetry is ancient incantation put back into proper context. Just like when the aliens first gave it to us. The End…. And the nu beginning!

Bonus question: Max Scherzer struck out 20 Tigers on 5/11/16 in a 3-2 complete game winning effort. How does this make you feel?

I used to like the Tigers but then Jim Leyland retired from managing and I was like never mind. Then the Pirates started winning again and that’s freaking exciting! Go Bucs!!!! (I’m from Pittsburgh, what can I say)

To learn more about Slangston, visit his home on the web at http://slangstonhughes7.wix.com/slickviclow.

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