5 Burning Questions with Nancy Murray

  1. What’s the worst thing about writing?
The wall of fire I have to push through to get started. The blank page and I stare each other down for a long time before I finally get started. Once I do, though, I could go on and on for hours without even noticing time go by.
  1. What helps your writing the most?
Alone time. I don’t mean being alone when I write but being alone when I am not doing anything in particular – just sitting, or walking, or thinking. It charges me.
  1. Describe your thoughts on writing (either your own or in general) using only adverbs. 

generously, intensely, hopefully, amusingly

  1. What is it about your discipline (fiction/poetry/nonfiction/other) that draws you to it?
I’m basically a failed fiction writer. Every time I tried to write fiction all my true stories kept coming out instead. Finally, I just gave in and now I call my genre creative non-fiction.
  1. What would you like to promote the most? Can you describe it in Victorian English? If not, can you describe it like a normal person?

But of course. First, I must call your attention to the fact that strict reticence of speech and conduct must be observed at all times. Naturally, this renders one limited in all matters relating to self-promotion. However, you were so very kind to inquire that I find it would be most impolite if I didn’t avail you with some semblance of an answer. So, please allow me to introduce you to a topic that I find most charming. Me. My latest creative endeavour, that is. It is a tale, most expertly told, about a version of myself in days long past. In this version my character attempts the unseemly prospect of obtaining gainful employment to no avail. My character moves from position to position, none of which, I might add, are befitting a lady, until, at last, she is able to say she has earned precious little but has learned insights that could be considered a trove of treasure. It’s quite an amusing tale. I hope to hold your interest long enough for me to complete and to promote this work which currently holds the title, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. I beg you, Sir, don’t hold me to that. It is, after all, a lady’s prerogative to change her mind.

Bonus question: Max Scherzer struck out 20 Tigers on 5/11/16 in a 3-2 complete game winning effort. How does this make you feel?

I’m appalled that P.E.T.A. allows tigers to play baseball.

To learn more about Nancy, visit her home on the web at www.bmorenancy.com.

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