May the Recap Be With You

Wow! What a night; what a crowd! What writers; what words!

We would like to thank all of you that came out to our May reading, and continue to support our reading series month-in and month-out. Every month is a success, and that comes down to very little of our doing. It’s you, you wonderful humans, that make Writers & Words a thing. A million little thank you’s that bridge the cyber gap from us to you!

We would also like to send out a heartfelt tip of the hat to our amazing readers that continue to bring the goods every single time we set up a microphone at Charmingtons. If you didn’t get a chance to hear Jose Diaz’s nonfiction about family and his deployment in the Navy, or Stephanie Joyal’s thought-provoking words on Baltimore and race, or Courtney Sender’s magical story about angels on stilts, or Sadie Rae’s beautifully sonic poems, then you missed out.

The only thing saving you is the pictures we take, and really, that doesn’t nearly do it justice. Check them out below, and see you next month, humans!


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