5 Burning Questions With Kurt Crisman

  1. What’s the easiest thing about writing?

Spelling the word “writing.”

  1. What are you doing when you’re not writing?

Work (too much). Sex (not enough). Rugby (just right).

  1. Describe your thoughts on writing (either your own or in general) using no adjectives.

Don’t particularly like the act of writing. Sometimes satisfied with the final product.

  1. What is it about your discipline (fiction/poverty/nonfiction/other) that draws you to it?

Each time I write a short story, I’m living in an alternate universe that’s much more interesting than the one I inhabit.

  1. Have you ever done something unusual for the sake of your writing? What was it and how did it work out?

Heavy drinking. Didn’t work well at all. Misspelled the word cocoon. Got really depressed. Had to go on a 25 year drinking hiatus. Wait, heavy drinking isn’t really unusual, is it?

And a bonus question because 6 Burning Questions just doesn’t have the same ring to it. 

When asked “What do you do?” do you talk about your writing?

Not usually.

To learn more about Kurt, visit his website, unpublishedguy.com.

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