January Recap

We would like to thank our readers and all of you that came out on a chilly night last Tuesday to help us kick off 2016 for Writers & Words! It was a wonderful night filled with wonderful people and wonderful words. Molly Margulies started off the night with a fantastically weird/beautiful/amazing performance of wedding vowels like you’ve never heard before. I’d explain further, but it was one of those times that you just had to be there, so why weren’t you? Ben Warner followed Molly with a much more understated, but equally impressive story about artist snowed-in at an artist retreat. After the break, Cija Jefferson read a nonfiction piece about being a woman who has matured, but never lost her sense of decency in the face of misogyny, only heightened it. Our evening was wrapped up the Youth Poet Laureate of Baltimore, Derick Ebert. Derick’s poems where lyrical and powerful. They illustrated beautifully the dichotomy of living in Baltimore, a place that is equally charming and challenging.

Stay tuned for more on our next reading in February. We hope to see you there!


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