December Recap

We would like to thank everyone who came out on Tuesday, Dec. 8, to Writers & Words. We were at standing-room-only capacity, which always astonishes and humbles us, so thank you a thousand times over. With such a great crowd, the readers needed to bring their A game, and they did not disappoint. Elizabeth Dahl kicked off the night with a wonderful story about the trials and small victories that come with adolescence. Pantea Tofangchi followed that up with beautifully haunting poems about growing up in the midst of war. After the break, Dylan Kinnett continued the night with spoken word poems of mystery, wonder, and travels through Japan. Abby Higgs finished the night with a tale detailing her enlightening sobriety and woes of using Zip Cars.

It was a wonderful night all around. For that, we are grateful to our readers, our audience, and our hosts at Charmingtons–we couldn’t do any of this without the continuing support of all these people. Below are some pictures from the reading. Please take a look and leave us a comment.

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