Cold November Rain, Hot Poetry and Prose

Thank you to all of you who showed up on a cold, rainy Tuesday this past week to join in another night of Writers and Words. Our readers were fantastic, and the crowd equally so. Kate Gillespie (who it turns out is actually related to Dizzy Gillespie) led us off with a strangely wonderful story about the microbes that inhabit all of us. Dave Housley followed it up with a coming of age story of family, fun, and McDonald’s cheeseburgers. For those of you that were there and curious, the commercial in question for Dave’s story can be found here. If that link doesn’t make any sense, you really should make sure you make it to all our readings.

The second half of our reading featured two poets whose personal stories couldn’t be more different, but share an equal beauty of spirit and way with words. Tyler Vile shared her personal truths about gender, family, and love. Seola Lee closed us out for the night with her own poetry about growing up in Korea and coming to our little city to study creative writing at Johns Hopkins. As usual, we closed the night out at the Ottobar watching Mad Max with subtitles for about the 10th time.

Be sure to check out a few of the photos from the Tuesday night below, and come back to our website in a week or two for our December preview. So long as you beautiful people keep coming out, we’ll continue to do our best to showcase the best established and up-and-coming writers that the Greater Baltimore Area has to offer.

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