A Recap and Preview For The Price of One

Hello True Beliebers,

As the seasons transition, so do we. Michelle has decided to take a well deserved break from our little thread on the web, and so you’re stuck with me. While you can still expect recaps and previews, I also promise to try and figure out how to inject these posts with cat gifs and almost assuredly more typeos.

As for our recap: October marked our one-year anniversary, and you all continue to come out and support our series. We love you from the bottom of our bookish hearts. Dave K, Adina Ferguson, Bernard Haske, and Analysis The Poet crushed it, dust it, and put it on a shelf for you admire on your coffee break. I don’t know what happened to that sentence. Check out the photos below, and the November preview after.

We’ll be back at Charmington’s on Howard for another wonderful night of Writers & Words on November 10 at 7 pm. Our featured readers are:

Dave Housley

Dave Housley’s third collection of short fiction, If I Knew the Way, I Would Take You Home, was published by Dzanc Books in 2015. He is the author of Commercial Fiction (Outpost 19), and Ryan Seacrest is Famous (Impetus Press, Dzanc Books eBook Reprint). He is one of the founding editors of Barrelhouse magazine, and a co-founder of the Conversations and Connections writer’s conference. Sometimes he drinks boxed wine and tweets about the things on his television at @housleydave.

Seola Lee

Seola Lee is a writer and an illustrator who lives in Baltimore, MD. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, she moved to Baltimore in 2011 to pursue a degree in creative writing. She writes poems, short stories, reviews, and essays in both Korean and English. Her work has appeared in Baltimore City Paper, The Baltimore Ekphrasis Project, and BmoreArt. You can check out her writings at http://seola-lee.tumblr.com/ and her doodles at http://plasticmarmalade.tumblr.com/.

Kate Gillespie

Kate Gillespie is a microbiologist getting her mojo on, who has recently became a poetic Ph.D.  An active participant in Baltimore’s literary arts community, Kate has written and performed with the city’s cultural groups like the  EMP Collective, “Smile hon! you’re in Baltimore”, One Minute Play festival, and Poets in the Park.  Her  scientific poems have been featured in Silver Blade,  The light  Ekphrastic, and  Sygyzy Poetry Journal, and upcoming in Gargoyle Magazine

Here’s to another year of Writer, Words, and you. Okay, play us out Keyboard Cat!

-Ian Anderson

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