October Details + Fire Sale


Hey Groupies,

Thank you all who supported our two big events in September. We’re looking forward to a great kick off for year two tomorrow night at Charmington’s with four fantastic readers. If any of you have lingering annual packets, please bring those with you tomorrow. And we’re also going to be having a FIRE! Sale to clear our stock of year one zines. All old zines will be $1 and October zines will be $3. After they’re gone. They’re gone.

Now for the real reason you’re following us, our readers:

Dave K.’s work has been published in Front Porch Journal, Battered Suitcase, Cobalt, Welter, Artichoke Haircut, and on the Station North LED billboard. He is the author of stone a pig and MY NAME IS HATE, both self-published, and was Baltimore’s second best local author in 2014 and 2015, according to Citypaper. In his spare time, Dave K. is a traditional Czech farmhouse cheese made from sheep’s milk.


Memoirist, Adina Ferguson, is a proud native of Washington, DC. She recently earned her MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts from University of Baltimore. Her debut memoir collection, I Dont Want to Be Your Bridesmaid was released May 2015. Adina has been published in Soar, Future Cycle Press 2012, Roll: A Collection of Personal Narratives, The Starting Five and other publications.



Bernard Haske is retired from The Baltimore Sun. His first book of poetry, The Color of Humans, was published in 2014. He lives in Catonsville.


Analysis is a poet/spoken word artist, progressive minister, educator, organizer, consultant! Twitter @AnalysisThePoet

–Writers & Words

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