July Recap & More

Hey Friends,

Remember July? That carefree month long ago? Well we had a reading–a fantastic reading if we’re being honest and humble–that maybe you missed because you were doing cool vacationy things. Good for you.

In any case, we went on vacation ourselves before we could get the photos from that event up. So you can check those out below. (You’re welcome.)

ALSO, though. We’re back from vacation. And so there’s LOTS to talk about:

  1. We extended the submission period of our Annual Zine. We’ll now give and take packets until our reading on Tuesday, September 8.If you haven’t received a packet, you can catch us at another literary event (like Michelle’s book signing on August 29, 1-4pm at Ukazoo books in Towson), or you can pick one up and complete it at our September 8 reading. If you have a packet and just want to turn it in, you can submit to any one of the Writers and Words’ team or just bring it with you when you come to our awesome September 8 reading.

    More details about where we’ll be and when we’ll be there for a packet exchange can be found on our Facebook page. And more details about the actual Annual Zine can be found here.

  2. We have a dynamite line up for fall being finalized this week, so check back for reading details for our September and October readings early next week.
  3. We have a really exciting event that that Seltzer is partnering with us for on Friday, September 25. Official announcment coming in the next week, but you’re going to want to save that date. Seriously. 7pm. September 25. Tell your friends.
  4. We’ve all missed you and we’re so excited for fall! Get ready for a great start to Year Two of Writers and Words!

July Photos

–Writers & Words

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