July Details

Hey Everyone,

We are so excited for July! As always, we have 4 dynamite readers (who we know you’ve already fallen in love with during the Twitter Takeover). Check out their details below and join us on Tuesday for reading and the kick off of our Year One Annual submissions. It’s going to be a great night for all things art!


Maria Goodson loves writing, but is still deciding what she likes to write the most. She has a BA in English from West Virginia University and an MA in Creative Writing from Oxford Brookes University, not to be confused with THE Oxford University, right down the road. She’s been published in a few places that no longer exist and others that no one’s heard of. Maria has lived in Baltimore for a year and is working at a non-profit called Reading Partners, recruiting volunteers to tutor struggling young readers.  If you want to help empower the next generation of writers and their words, talk to Maria!


Mary Walters is a poet living in Baltimore, MD with her cat Strega Nona. She is a proud MFA student at University of Baltimore, and she has been published in Baltimore Fishbowl, REJECT, and Ink Press’s Subvert zine. She is into the zodiac and she loves reading restaurant reviews.


Mary B. Banks is the author of Street Magic: Stories and Tales, a collection of nine short stories that are voice- and character-driven. For her undergraduate studies, Banks attended Johns Hopkins University and received a Bachelor of Arts in Writing Seminars. In May 2011, she earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore. She is the owner of La Muse Press, an indie publishing house that is dedicated to discovering talented emerging writers.


Danielle Ariano is a writer and cabinetmaker. Her work has been featured in North Dakota Quarterly and on Huffington Post and Baltimore Fishbowl. She is the author of Getting Over the Rainbow, a memoir about coming out and coming to terms with her sexuality. Ariano also writes a monthly column called Out-skirts for Baltimore Gay Life. She lives in Lutherville, Md. with her wife and their three, yes three, dogs. When she is not writing or building cabinets, you can usually find her at the beach surfing. Find out more about her on the internets, specifically at her website www.danielleariano.com.

See y’all Tuesday!

Writers & Words team

Important Meeting 2
Important Meeting 2

P.S. Zines will be $3 (limited run) and we’ll have giveaways throughout the night.

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