Reading Bios & Details

March Reading Details

Winter is overrated. Writers and Words isn’t.


Join us this Tuesday, Tuesday, March 10, for another fantastic reading at Charmington’s:

Sarah Bare is a middle school art teacher, currently working on a James Brown impersonation.

Rachel Adams is the editor at a DC-based advocacy nonprofit and the founder/editor of Lines + Stars, a literary journal. Her poems have been published in The North American Review, Blueline,The Conium Review, Free State Review, Fjords, The Wayfarer, Memoir, and elsewhere; her collection What Is Heard was published in 2013 by the Minnesota-based Red Bird Press. You can find out more at

Justin Sanders is a ghost who writes in Baltimore. His work has appeared most recently on city walls and in Every Day Genius.

Judith Krummeck is a broadcaster and writer living in Baltimore. She is the evening drive time host of Maryland’s classical music station, WBJC 91.5, and before immigrating to the United States she was the arts editor for SAfm at the South African Broadcasting Corporation. Judith received a BA in Drama and History of Art from the University of Cape Town, and an MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts from the University of Baltimore. Her memoir, Beyond the Baobab, is available at

Zines and books will be on sale. The March Zine will be $5 and all previous month’s Zines will be $3. If you’d like to reserve a copy of a previous month, please let us know at

Mike, Michelle, Ian, and Amanda

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