Scheduled Readings

W&W pause C&M

We have decided not to do virtual readings while the COVID-19 crisis is still going on. This has been a tough decision for us – we love having readings, connecting people, and hearing the variety of different voices that fill our space. But don’t worry, we will reschedule everyone. Here are all of the fantastic readers you can look forward to seeing at Writers & Words in the future and many more.

 Future readings featuring Matthew McBride, Laura Laing, Faye McCray, Jeff Richards, Liz Dunlap, Rax King, Lora Robinson, Julie Langsdorf, Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes, Kerry Graham, L Abad, Courtney LeBlanc, Stephen van Dyck, Monica Price, Mike Maggio, Meg Eden, R. Eric Thomas, Linda Joy Burke, & Zakiah Baker.

September – we will be taking this month off. 

Tuesday, October 13th, 7 p.m. | Charmington’s | 2601 Howard St, 21218

    featuring Pat King, Skyla Indigo Ink, & Susan Buttenwieser