We’re Retired

Writers & Words has retired from the reading series scene effective March 2021.
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Have a wonderful day! 

Greetings Friends! 

Today, the second Tuesday of March marks the official anniversary of our last reading. In March 2020 we featured A’niya Taylor, Kristina Gaddy, Donald Illich, and Barbara Perez Marquez. The staff at Charmington’s was wonderful, as always, the reading was absolutely fantastic, and as usual, we packed the house. We’re so happy that the last reading was such a wild success, it really encapsulated everything that Writers & Words ever set out to be and more. A room full of writers, readers, and listeners meeting one another and sharing their words. 

So much in the world has changed since that last reading, and so have we, therefore we have decided that this is the right time to end Writers & Words. We do not see this as a bad thing to be sad about, but rather the beginning of a new chapter. 

Writers & Words will always belong to the Before Times. Back when we met at Charmington’s to hear readers who inspired us, visited with our friends, exchanged many hugs, and enjoyed damn good cups of coffee. And as we look ahead to the New World that is forming around us with every passing day, we are excited to see what will come next. 

We are endlessly grateful for all of these folks:

  • Past Editors – Michelle Junot (founder), Michael B. Tager (founder), Amanda Ponder, Ian Anderson, Mike Shattuck, & Jessica Welch – y’all made the thing, we just took it over. Thank you for creating a format that worked, and setting us up for so much fun and success. 
  • Charmington’s – the absolute best hosts we could ask for. Thank you to the entire staff, but an extra big shout out to Amanda Rothschild and Dan Scott. Thank you for staying open late once a month just for us for so many years! 
  • Our readers, all 191 of them – what is a reading series without our readers? THANK YOU for sharing our stage, for sharing your words, and for bringing so much life and inspiration to our community. 
  • Our audiences – it blew our minds every month to have all seats filled and people standing in the back. And it was not just the showing up that mattered, it was the way you showed up. Our readers gave us feedback time and time again that the Baltimore crowd was so friendly and supportive, and we could not agree more. 
  • Ink Press Productions – we ran 4 writing retreats, 3 (The Woods) with the amazing women of IPP – founder Amanda McCormick, former teammate Tracy Diamond, and assistant Katie Field –  thank you for bringing your creativity, energy, and poetry to our partnership. 
  • The entire writing community of Baltimore – this is what it’s all about. Writers & Words’ mission was to connect writers to other writers, and we could not have even started to do this without such a supportive community around us. Thank you. 

Thank you all for making Writers & Words such a wonderful experience. To look back, and celebrate the last 6 years we’ve made albums of pictures – feel free to tag yourself! 

Stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, and we’ll see you in the New World. 

Maria (@mariacgoodson) & Cija (@cijasquips)